Enhance Your Worlds - Immersive, Interactive Audio Environments

Now Available: Custom SoundPad Tool!

Weirder Things

*new* 40 sounds
80s suburbia, kids on bikes, government conspiracies, something big and scary. 40 sounds: 4 musical tracks and 6 layerable tones

Hell Planet

*new* 40 sounds
A thoroughly inhospitible place, with massive heavily armed vehicles. And demons. 40 sounds, 3 tones and 3 musical tracks.

Alien Starship

*new* 36 sounds
An alien sci-fi horror/action simulator. 36 Sounds, 5 tones and 2 musical tracks


*new* 36 sounds
A medieval siege simulator. 36 sounds including 3 tones and 3 musical tracks

Castle Raven

40 sounds
A Gothic horror castle simulator. 40 utility sounds, 3 tones and 3 musical tracks. Bring friends and plenty of garlic.


40 sounds
Everything you need to create your version of a mechanized future-past. 40 utility sounds including 3 musical tracks. Don the goggles and tighten your corset!

Film Noir

36 sounds
A set of 36 utility sounds including 2 musical tracks and 3 transitional stings to create the perfect film noir vibe. Trench coat not included

Jungle Planet

32 sounds
Audio simulation of a jungle biome, 32 tracks including tones and music. Not necessarily terrestrial.

Monster Pack

36 sounds
A utility set of iconic monsters for populating your worlds. Idle and multi-part attack sounds included.

Deep Six

36 sounds
Beneath the waves, at the bottom of the sea. Classic or modern, Poseidon doesn't care. 36 utility sounds including 4 musical tracks.

True West

36 sounds
A wild west environment plus a saloon. 36 utility sounds including 4 musical tracks.


32 sounds
A modern / sci-fi combat simulator. 32 utility sounds

Future City

32 sounds
As the world's population coalesces into massive cities, cultures and technologies merge. Your tribe is your life. 32 sounds


32 sounds
Welcome to the Post Apocalypse. It's not pretty and survival is a full time job. 32 sounds

House on the Hill

32 sounds with music
Audio simulation of a creaky, creepy old mansion that you should probably avoid - but won't. 32 sounds and 3 music tracks.

Age of Sail

28 sounds with music
Audio simulation of an old sailing ship, for adventure on the high-seas. 28 sounds and 3 music tracks.

The Tavern

28 sounds with music
A medieval / fantasy tavern simulator. 28 mixable sounds including several multi-version sounds and 3 music tracks.


36 sounds
A medieval / fantasy combat simulator. 36 utility sounds including several multi-version sounds.

Olde Towne

36 sounds with music
A multi-environment medieval city or village. 36 Sounds including music.


32 sounds with music
Take control of a Starship with 32 mixable sounds including music.

Dark Forest

32 sounds with music
Experience the night time sounds of a fantasy forest with 32 mixable sounds including music.

The Dungeon

34 sounds with music
Create your own personal dungeon with 34 mixable sounds including music. (Trap Sounds are now included!)