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What is Tabletop Audio?

Tabletop Audio is the premier, advertising free / free-to-use, user supported ambient game audio site on the web. It has been nominated for the prestigious ENnie awards every year since it's launch and was awarded the Silver Medal at the ENnies for 'Best Website' in 2015 and the Gold Medal in 2017. Each year millions of tracks are played and downloaded on/from the site and the site is entirely supported by it's users. (Thank You!)

While it was originally developed as a resource for players and GMs of tabletop role-playing games, I have received so many emails from other types of users that I felt it was time to refine this section.

According to you all, Tabletop Audio is for: Role-players, boardgamers, writers, coders, artists, graphic designers, teachers, house-cleaners, lucid dreamers, gym-rats, distance runners, commuters and ANYONE who wants to immerse themselves in the audio-space of one environment, while physically inhabiting another.

On the main page, you will find 25 35 67 83 94 100 more than 100 10-minute, situational audio files called ambiences (over 16 hours!). Press play. Listen.

What is SoundPad?


SoundPad was designed for those of you who wanted more control over your sonic environments. Instead of fire-and-forget 10 minute ambiences, each SoundPad is made up of a few dozen sounds, divided into categories. Many of these sounds are designed to loop and are loop enabled when the page is loaded. Additionally, most of the sounds can be layered on top of one another. The music tracks are slightly different in that they can be layered over any of the sounds but only one music track can play at a time.

Individual SoundPad's audio content is less than 6MB total so it is bandwidth friendly for those who wish to use it on cellular networks.

When using SoundPad try the less-is-more approach and introduce a few sounds at a time. Resist the urge to have a watery,windy,dripping,bubbling,fire dungeon teaming with creatures! Ok, try it once and get it out of your system.

SoundPad sounds are not included in under the Creative Commons license - see "Creative Commons" section below.

SoundPad development is ongoing. There are currently around 400 utility sounds available. More features and new SoundPads are planned.

Can I combine sounds from different SoundPads?


YES! You can now use the new Custom SoundPad Tool which lets you mix and match up to 24 sounds from any of the released SoundPads. These custom SoundPads can be saved on your device for quick recall or shared with friends via custom links.

Can I Use SoundPad Offline?


Yes, it is possible to do this. I wrote a blog post which shows you the steps you need to take. This is for desktop/laptop browsers only.

Who are You?

I'm a professional composer and sound designer from Brooklyn, NY and I play tabletop RPGs with my kids (10 and 7 11 and 8 12 and 9 they keep growing don't they?...you get the picture...).

I'm also a musician. I started playing the violin when I was 4 and played classical music in orchestras and chamber groups through college. Post college I played violin and guitar in lots of different bands in Chapel Hill NC and later in NYC. I've done studio and live work with Blondie, Paul Waaktar (A-ha), Eric Ambel (Joan Jett, Del Lords), Susan Cowsill (The Cowsills), Jolene (Sire Records), Dillon Fence (Mammoth Records), The Lamps (members of The Bangles, Squirrel Nut Zippers, Connells),and Stars of Stage and Screen. During the summer, I coach string quartets at a kids' chamber music day camp.


You can email me at : [email protected] or find me as "Tabletop Audio" on: Google+ or  Tabletop Audio on Facebook or   Tabletop Audio on Twitter

Why did you make this?

As any creative professional will tell you, working for clients usually doesn't scratch many creative itches. Tabletop Audio allows me free reign to do whatever I feel like (ars gratia artis!). Also, I really enjoy creating miniature 10 minute films out of sound.

I've found that playing situational audio files - i.e. "you're in a cave!" increases the level of enjoyment, immersion and suspension of disbelief for many gamers. Just as some players like adding miniatures to amp up their games, I enjoy adding some kind of background audio.

Can I Hire You?

Yes! I love working with other people. Send me an email at [email protected] and tell me about your project. I do custom audio for games, trailers, kickstarter videos, anything that has sound in it.

What kind of games can I play with these?

Anything you want!, the goal for the site is to accommodate a wide variety of games, environments and settings. I've had more than a few writers tell me that they listen to these for inspiration when they work. Whatever you're playing or working on, new ambiences are being added all the time.

What does ambience, minimal music, etc mean?

I've tried to categorize each piece of audio into basic groups: Ambience: Implies background noises, sound design elements, something to put you in 'the place'. Minimal music: Is usually simple tones and musical elements that have been added to increase the effect of whatever I was going for. Music: is just that, a few of the pieces are either straight up music, or have a larger musical element.

What is the quality of the sounds?

I create all the sounds as high fidelity 24 bit/44.1khz uncompressed audio files before dithering and encoding for the web. The 10 minute ambience files are evntually compressed into 192kbit/sec mp3 files, which for me are the best balance between file size (cost) and fidelity.

They all seem to be 10 minutes long

Noticed that did you? I wanted it to be a) not too very long and b) long enough so the GM could click play and have some time before having to deal with the audio.

Are they loops?

Each ambience is 10 minutes of non-repeating sound. They are set to loop by default, but you may change this by un-checking the loop button on the player. If you have a playlist loaded, it will play each track sequentially and then loop the playlist when it finishes the last track. Hint: You can add the same track multiple times to a playlist. So, for instance you could have a track play 3x (30 minutes), followed by other tracks.

Can I save a playlist?


Yes! Saving of playlists has now been implemented. Load up some ambiences and click Save to store your playlist. Note: this is machine/device dependent, so if you save a playlist on your laptop, it won't be available on your phone. The easiest way to sync them is to use the new Link button see below at the bottom of the player which will generate an HTML link of your playlist which you can email to yourself, load up on another machine and save it again.

Can I send a link to a playlist to my friends?


Yes! You can now click the Link button on the bottom of the player to generate a link to whatever is currently loaded in your playlist. Copy and Paste the link into an email, text message, browser etc. and the page will load with a pre-populated playlist.

Can I make requests?

Sure, I'm happy to take requests. Working on a super-cool campaign and have a perfect scene for situational audio and I don't have it? Let me know! mail me at gm AT tabletopaudio DOT com or find me on Twitter, or Facebook. I can't promise anything, but I'd be interested to hear whatever you have to say!

How can I help?

Thanks for asking! Tabletop Audio needs your support. The costs for hosting and bandwidth are increasing each month. The best way to support is via Patreon which is a monthly donation. You can also donate via PayPal.

Your site doesn't work on...

This site should work on all modern browsers and devices. If there is something that doesn't work on your device/browser and you feel like it should, please let me know!

Terms of Use / License

All of the 10 minute ambiences on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. Creative Commons License

SoundPad sounds are not meant to be downloaded and are not for use outside tabletopaudio.com.

Can I to use your audio in my Podcast or videos?

If your Twitch/Video channel is non-profit, then yes, absolutely, with attribution.

...But what if I monetize my Podcast or videos?

I know a lot of you monetize your videos and here's my basic position: If you're making a little bit of extra money on the side to pay for hosting or bandwidth, buy the occasional game, or purchase refreshments for game night, then I'm fine with you using the 10 minute ambiences in your videos. If you're making more than that, (you decide where this line is drawn) then it doesn't seem unreasonable that we discuss some sort of licensing fee arrangement.

About the Art

Any art that is not my own or public domain is under Creative Commons license. I've tried to link back (attribution) to the artists (see below), however, if I've screwed something up, or I'm using your artwork and you're not happy about it, PLEASE let me know and I will take it down or fix what is needed as soon as possible.

Creative Commons Art Attribution Links

"Solemn Vow: PreachersWay. "The Desert Awaits" is from Khorghil. "Busy Space Port" and "Alien Night Club", "Starship SoundPad", "Orbital Platform" and "Starship Medical" are from siamon89 "The Inner Core", "In the Shadows", "Shelter from the Storm", "Deep Space EVA", "Abyssal Gaze", "Disembodied Spirits", "Cave of Time", "Protean Fields" and "Alien Machine Shop" are all from KoAltaiTeMaunga. "Derelict Freighter" is by RadoJavor, "Kaltoran Craft FE" is by Fyodor Ananiev, "Nephilim Labs FE" is by Johnathan Chong, "Los Vangeles 3030" is by Frenic, "Clash of Kings" is by Paolo Uccelo (1438), "The Long Rain" is by Moofonzo , "Starship Bridge" is by Luis Tomas, "Rise of the Ancients" is by Osmatar, "Samurai HQ" is from Zvezda historic miniatures. , "There be Dragons!" is from free4fireYouTube, "Goblin's Cave" and "Mountain Pass" are from Ninjatic, "Super Hero" (man photo) Bizior, "Ice Cavern" is by GeorgeLovesyArt, "Terror" is by moppaa, "Dinotopia" is by Raph04art, "Industrial Shipyard" by chutiporn, "Dungeon I" is by Summerson, "Sleeping Dragon" is by Capricorn Android, "Medieval Library" is by Tom 7, "Zombies!" is by zombie-ninja, "Abandoned Fair" original photo is by Corey Balazowich, "Steampunk Airship" is by syntaxerroronlinenul, "Lucha Libre" is by Carlos Adampol Galindo, "Combat-SoundPad" background image is by Anton Magdalina, "Sewers" is by Tonywash, "Tavern-SoundPad" background image is by Lilithiel, "Elven Glade" is by JKRoots, Skirmish is by Bad-Dragon, Testing Chamber is by d3wd, Combat:Future SoundPad contains art by DivideBy2 and background by MariaSemelevich,"Lunar Outpost" is by Min-Nguen, "Orbital Promenade" is by Yutaabe, "Dwarven City" is by Stirzocular, "All Spire RPG artwork" is by Adrian Stone, "Existential Dread" is by Dave Dyet .

Thank you all for your amazing and evocative art!