2017 ENnie Award Gold Medal!

I’m thrilled to announce that Tabletop Audio was awarded a gold medal for Best Website at the 2017 ENnie awards at GenCon last night! As always, all the nominees were amazing. So many amazing publishers, podcasters, game designers, writers and artists were on display this year, as every year. I felt lucky to be included in the list. Thanks everyone that voted for me! – Tim

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New Feature: Text Filtering for Custom SoundPad

I’ve implemented a new feature on the Custom SoundPad that I hope you’ll find useful.  It’s similar to the text filtering I just added to the home page ambiences, but instead of a living keyword dictionary for each sound, it just filters by title.

For instance, if you type in ‘rain‘, like the screenshot above, it shows you all the sounds, across all the SoundPads, that contain ‘rain‘ in it.  Remember, it’s not search, so it will also return (as above) the sound ‘Toy Trains’ as the letters r-a-i-n are present.  (And, when I make a sound called …read more

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Graphic Update and New Feature: Text Filtering

Frequent visitors to the site may notice that I’ve done a bit of a spruce-up with the graphics. It’s something I’ve been meaning to do for the longest time but as there’s an endless list of things that I want to do, graphics and tedious CSS tweaking always seem to take a back seat. Nothing fancy, I just think the new logo and dragon image look a little bit cleaner. Hope you guys like it.

More importantly I’m experimenting with a new text filtering system for the main page. As you can see below, there’s a new …read more

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New Feature: Custom SoundPad Sorting

So you’ve added a bunch of sounds to a custom SoundPad and you think you’ve got the perfect set for your next game – except – dang, if only this one was over there, and that one was next to that one over there…

Well, thanks to a few user requests I’ve added a sort feature that will make your lives a bit easier.

There’s a new button called ‘Sort’ in the butons row. It is off by default. Turning ‘Sort’ on (indicated by the move icon turning green) allows you to drag sounds to different places in …read more

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An Expensive month. Adventures in an Ad-Free Internet

As the operator of any small website or blog will tell you, when you first publish your work online, your number one concern is that someone, anyone out there in Internet-land, notices what you’re doing.

Two and half years ago, when tabletopaudio.com first went live, I did what most new webmasters do. I obsessively checked Google analytics to see if anyone had visited. Luckily a few people did visit. The site clicked with a handful of people who told a few more people and within a month I was experiencing some fairly nice organic growth.

And then, my first Redditing happened. Reddit …read more

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New Sounds: The 100th (and 101st) ambience!

The truth is, I’ve seen this day coming for quite a while. Some of you have too. In fact, I’ve been getting a lot of questions on Twitter and Facebook asking me what kind of special to-do I was going to make when my 100th 10 minute ambience was released. I slowly started to realize that I was a bit intimidated by the pressure! Would I pull out all the stops and make the “Epicest Epic Ambience of All Time™”? Or would I totally downplay it and make a 10 minute sound of a faucet dripping, you …read more

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2016 ENnie Nomination!

Friends, I’m thrilled to announce that Tabletop Audio has been nominated for a 2016 ENnie award in the Best Software category.

If you can spare a minute, please vote ‘1’ for Tabletop Audio under Best Software, and by all means, check out all the other amazing nominees!


Thank you so much for your support!


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New Site Feature: Custom SoundPads

If you’ve ever wanted your bard to ride a horse onto the bridge of a starship, and play a tune on his lute for a very confused crew, I finally have you covered!

Here’s the first release of Custom SoundPads, a request I got as soon as I released Dark Forest, the 2nd installment of the  SoundPad series. And a request I’ve gotten every week since then.

My paradigm,  for this tool, as with all of Tabletop Audio, is ‘push a button, play a sound‘.  It really never needs to be more complicated than that. I’m not a big fan of tools that require …read more

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New SoundPad Feature: Broadcast

I get lots of feature requests for Tabletop Audio.  Small things, big things, even the occasional weird thing. As you probably know I add everything I get to an ever growing list. One thing I never get, however, is a  feature request, followed by a fully working solution. Well, that was true until three weeks ago when I got an email from Merten Popp.

Merten’s online gaming group in Germany wanted a way to use SoundPads online. He wanted to be able to ‘push’ sounds from SoundPad to his players who would hear them simultaneously.  To do this he put together a working prototype …read more

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New SoundPad Feature: Saved Scenes

As soon as I released the first SoundPad into the wild responses were very positive. Also, as is often the case, everyone and their sister had suggestions about how I could make it better.  One of these suggestions stuck with me. This person wanted to be able to save groups of sounds as scenes, or macros and be able to call them up with a button click. I’m releasing v.9 beta with that very feature.

It’s really simple to use. You’ll notice a new “Save Scene” button above the category filter. Just load up some sounds, adjust …read more

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