How To: Use SoundPads Offline (experimental)

I know a lot of you game in less than perfect environments for online usage. Because of this, you’ve been asking about SoundPad usage offline. I’m going to show you a way to do this using Google Chrome and Firefox. I will continue to add to and edit this post as new information becomes available and I get feedback from the user community. While I’ve done some basic testing of these techniques and can confirm that they do work, I have not stress-tested it in a real world situation so please report back any findings! – …read more

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An Expensive month. Adventures in an Ad-Free Internet

As the operator of any small website or blog will tell you, when you first publish your work online, your number one concern is that someone, anyone out there in Internet-land, notices what you’re doing.

Two and half years ago, when first went live, I did what most new webmasters do. I obsessively checked Google analytics to see if anyone had visited. Luckily a few people did visit. The site clicked with a handful of people who told a few more people and within a month I was experiencing some fairly nice organic growth.

And then, my first Redditing happened. Reddit …read more

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List: Tabletop Audio for Board Games

Reddit user Bart Quicho (/u/queester)  shared this over on the /r/boardgames subreddit and I thought I’d pass it along. You can also read Bart’s excellent post on BoardGameGeek which includes other audio sources.

If you’ve got some favorite Track/Game combinations that you want to add please let me know!

I heartily recommend Reddit’s board games subreddit. It’s friendly and well moderated. And of course BoardGameGeek needs no introduction.

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Adding Sound to Games

I’ve heard it so many times before. “I don’t like props. I don’t like anything in my RPGs that isn’t in my mind”.

Ok, so I’ve stopped pointing out that character sheets are actually props, as are dice, but I get it. This type of reaction usually happens because of a prior bad experience. Maybe it was a  GM who made everyone wait while he searched through a box of minis, or flipped through a 4 inch binder for the perfect image, or…and this one hurts me the most – got lost in a laptop trying to cue up …read more

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One Year After

It’s been a year since I started with 12 tracks and a shrug.

Last January, I had only recently started playing RPGs again. This time, it was with my 2 kids, 30 years after I had last played. During our first session I had a brain flash about how to make the game a little… cooler, more immersive.  I should tell you, at this point I hadn’t heard of RPG audio, and to be honest, I naively thought I was onto something earth-shatteringly new.

I knew I had a hard drive full of audio remnants. Ex client …read more

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What’s in a Name?

I was listening to the Haste! podcast (as I do), on the Obsidian Portal Blog, and they started off the show with a lovely review of Tabletop Audio. While they cover the basics of the site and who it’s geared towards (lazy GMs! ha!) They do make some excellent points about the titles of the ambiences, and my flavor text, and how you shouldn’t feel constrained into using the ambiences exactly how I imagined them.

Jerry and Micah use ‘Busy Space Port’ as an example, saying that just because your game isn’t in space …read more

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Gaming with Kids

I’ve noticed a lot of online posts from parents, mostly former gamers,  interested in getting their kids into old school, pen and paper RPG gaming. I like this trend for a lot of reasons, but mostly, I feel like anything that gets kids engaged and doesn’t involve a screen is a major win in 2014.

There are many reasons why a parent might be motivated to start table-top gaming at home, but it usually boils down to some variation of: “I played these games as a kid, and now that I’m a parent I:

…read more

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