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New Sound: Dwarven City

Posted by [email protected] on June 22nd, 2017

Dwarven City

I needed to get back down to earth after the last two abstract ‘planes’ ambiences, so I decided to go all middle-earthy and see what I could do with a massive dwarf city.

My list of notes contained the following: “fire, bubbling pools of molten metal, dripping metal, machinery, forge, workers, livestock, bellows..”.

Actually livestock never made it in. I had a goat and a chicken at one point but every time they came up I cracked up. Not in a good way.

So then there was the music. Always tough. I decided it should be mostly textural, but definitely orchestral. Definitely background. Not much in the way of melody here, some ominous brass, drums, workers’ voices. low woodwinds. I kept picturing a fly-through of the wonderful image above by Stirzocular (thanks again for letting me use it!) and how that might sound.

I’m pretty happy with how this one turned out, hopefully you’ll find a use for this in your games and stories.

Finally, my family and I are taking a 10 day holiday in the UK starting Monday. I’ll be bringing a small recorder along so hopefully I’ll capture some interesting new sounds.

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