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New Feature: Text Filtering for Custom SoundPad

Posted by [email protected] on May 10th, 2017

Text Filtering for Custom SoundPad

I’ve implemented a new feature on the Custom SoundPad that I hope you’ll find useful.  It’s similar to the text filtering I just added to the home page ambiences, but instead of a living keyword dictionary for each sound, it just filters by title.

For instance, if you type in ‘rain‘, like the screenshot above, it shows you all the sounds, across all the SoundPads, that contain ‘rain‘ in it.  Remember, it’s not search, so it will also return (as above) the sound ‘Toy Trains’ as the letters r-a-i-n are present.  (And, when I make a sound called ‘monkey brains‘ a ‘rain‘ search will return that too! )

This is not meant to be a full featured keyword search, but a simple shortcut method of finding sounds by name.


7 thoughts on “New Feature: Text Filtering for Custom SoundPad”

  1. Zwiebelboy says:

    Will we be able to stream Custom Soundpads?

  2. Matty says:

    Wow recently I stumbled accross your site and its your work is so amazing.
    Iam so into the “Custom Soundset”-Feature but I have a little Problem. If I want to “transfer” my soundset from my PC to my Ipad (to use it while our sessions) I use “Save Link” and use this link on the Ipad. As I have seen so far, the “Soundset” can be loaded by this unique link, but not the Scenes I put together.
    If I inspected this right, the scenes are only saved in the “browser locale storage”. Is there any plan to Save them too with “save link”?

    Thanks in Advance for any Answer!

    1. Good question, at this point the scenes are not saved with the ‘save link’ feature but I’ll add that to my list.

      1. Matty says:

        That woulrd be really great. Because right now, I cant use your App on iPad. Only if I would also compose the scene on ipad as well. Its even not possible to “transfer” the cal storage to the ipad. Because chrome and safari does’nt even have a “development console” :-/

        1. You should only ever have to load via link once. Once you do that, the Custom Pad is will be saved on your iPad. Then it shouldn’t be too much effort to remake your scenes as these are only just a handful of sounds each. But, I’ll keep your suggestion on my list to make it even simpler.

          1. Matty says:

            I really appreciate your very fast responses. Your support is as good as your application! Thats great.

            But in my case its not that easy to recreate my scenes. I’am using one soundpad (30 Sounds) and created eight Scenes which have 6 to 8 Sounds active (on different pitch levels).

            May I suggest a workaround?
            What I need is just an export / import scene Button which opens a textarea, to fill the locale storage in your domain boundaries.

            return JSON.stringify(localStorage)

            Object.keys(data).forEach(function(key) { localStorage.setItem(key, data[key])})

            This would be SO amazing 😉

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