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New Sound: Orbital Promenade

Posted by [email protected] on May 3rd, 2017

Orbital Promenade

This one started out from a field recording I did at Grand Central Terminal in NYC while waiting for a train. As I was standing in the main hallway (I was the tall guy with headphones, holding a field recorder and trying not to look suspicious to all the armed soldiers) I kept thinking about how I would  use the sound of this huge, bustling reverberant space on Tabletop Audio.

I started thinking about scifi sounds, because, well – scifi. But really because so much of scifi audio tends to be empty and devoid of people. Which of course is totally cool, but it really doesn’t have to be. I love the idea of a bustling space station at the crossroads of multiple civilizations. A place that’s wide open. A place for  buyers,  sellers and travelers of all stripes.

Truth be told, Orbital Promenade is only really moderately scifi. If I didn’t have the excellent orbital colony image by Yutaabe you could be convinced that it was a cool modern installation. The lobby of an aquarium or planetarium maybe. So that’s a plus I think. Give this one a listen and put it on whenever you need to be in a crowd. Or alone in a crowd.