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How To: Use SoundPads Offline (experimental)

Posted by [email protected] on December 28th, 2016


I know a lot of you game in less than perfect environments for online usage. Because of this, you’ve been asking about SoundPad usage offline. I’m going to show you a way to do this using Google Chrome and Firefox. I will continue to add to and edit this post as new information becomes available and I get feedback from the user community. While I’ve done some basic testing of these techniques and can confirm that they do work, I have not stress-tested it in a real world situation so please report back any findings! – Tim

 Chrome: (Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, Android only)

Chrome has a bunch of experimental features that are accessible by typing: Chrome://flags into the browser bar. Do this and it will bring up a huge list of features with a slightly frightening warning on top of the page. Fear not, we’re only looking for one in particular and it will only ever be visible to you if you are offline. You can undo this at any time.

On the Chrome://flags page, find in the page, (Ctrl / Cmd -F) “Show Saved Copy Button” and choose “Enable: Primary” from the select box. It should be about 1/3 of the way down.

Once you’ve chosen this option, Chrome will need to be restarted. Click the Relaunch Now button to enable this feature. Now, when you go to your Wi-Fi free gaming zone and try to load it again you’ll see this:

Note: You must have previously visited/loaded this page for it to be available offline.

Clicking on the “Show saved copy” button will load the page in offline mode and you should be good to go.


Firefox: (Mac, Windows, Linux only)

press ‘alt’ to reveal Firefox’s top menu

I suppose Firefox’s offline mode is considered less experimental since it’s not buried in a developer menu. However it seems to work as a global offline option that, unlike Chrome, you won’t want to leave on.

Open Firefox to the SoundPad page(s) you want to save for later and allow them to load fully. Then click the Alt key to reveal the top menu. Select File->Work Offline. 

As I mentioned, Firefox works a bit differently than Chrome in this regard. When you’ve got ‘Work Offline‘ selected, Firefox will always go to your cached files so you should remember to un-check this option when you’re back in Wi-Fi world.

Additionally, Firefox defaults to 350MB of disk space available within the cache. As the total payload of a SoundPad page is <10MB this should be plenty, even if you cache all of them. However, if you want to increase the amount reserved for any reason you can click on the upper right (hamburger style) menu on your firefox browser and select Options (the gear icon).

This will bring to you a menu page. Select Advanced from the left hand menu on this page and then select Network from the top menu on the Advanced page.

Here you’ll see an item called Cached Web Content which will allow you to select a custom amount of local disk storage for your cached content. (see image below).

Advanced cache options in Firefox

Again, I’m presenting this as a work around for those few of you who need access to the site in less than optimal, or zero Wi-Fi conditions. This technique will only work if you’ve previously loaded the page from the web. If you have any thoughts, corrections or additional information that can help your fellow users, please feel free to leave them in a comment, or better yet, email them to me and I’ll add to this document and credit you.

Hope this helps!


8 thoughts on “How To: Use SoundPads Offline (experimental)”

  1. Akanstana says:

    I would love if we are able to download a version (pay for it if we have to). Or upload our own features, in a broader library, because the current limit is pretty harsh. I usually have to open two new windows.

  2. Pierre Savoie says:

    Would you offer the SoundPads in app form, iPhone and Android? Charge a generous fee.

  3. Lemons says:

    Thanks for posting this workaround. This is exactly what I was hoping to see!

    You may (or may not to prevent unnecessary confusion) want to add a note about offline play to the FAQ/About page.

    Thanks for your great work!

  4. Dustin W says:

    I second the ability for us to download this audio in some way. We game in a remote area with no internet connection – I would gladly pay a fee to download the audio or an app that saves the items locally. I would imagine it would help with overall revenue, as there is no suitable alternative for ambient sound that I’ve found (there are others, not as good and not quite like this site).

  5. Lufnar says:

    Hey, the ability to stream soundpad directly to other players when playing online is absolutely amazing. Would you consider enabling to do the same with all the 10-minute ambience tracks as well? Being able to play “river town” for a while and then transitioning to another ambience or prepared soundpad scene would be absolutely brilliant.

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