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New SoundPad: Future City

Posted by [email protected] on October 25th, 2016

Future City SoundPad

Future City SoundPad

I’ve had lots of requests for a cyberpunk SoundPad so I finally started working on Future City about 3 weeks ago. As is often the case, I discovered that the visual representation of a genre comes much more easily than the audio.

To research this one I went back to the sources. I watched a bunch of films: Blade Runner, Dark City, Johnny Mnemonic, RoboCop even Metropolis, to get a sense of style, mood and setting.

I knew that the challenge of simulating an audio environment in 32 sounds was essentially impossible, but I figured I could at least get the broad strokes. As a city dweller myself I spend a lot of time imagining how the environment around me would change given our rate of technological growth, the influx and merging of myriad cultures and the increasing tribalization that comes with every choice we make. Neighborhoods separated by ethnicity, music preference, sub-culture and style. Will there ever be Mac neighborhoods and PC neighborhoods? It might be time to go back and read Jonathan Swift.

I purposely avoided any overtly technological sounds, meaning there’s not many computer consoles or things that go ping. Cyberpunk seemed darker than that. I hope I managed to capture at least the essence, if not the thing itself.

7 thoughts on “New SoundPad: Future City”

  1. Thomas Erskine says:

    very nicely done! I really like you sounds, and if I can ever find a group to game with, I’ll be donating. ATM, I can’t.

    Just one suggestion for SoundPad: it would be nice to be able to mark certain sounds to be played at random intervals, with the frequency controllable. E.G. so you could say that you want a police car to go by every now and then, but not once after the other.

    1. TallonHunteR says:

      i agree, being able to set a range of low and high frequency for various effects would be nice (like chained explosions, cars passing, doors opening, etc)

      really cant wait to get the future city into the custom soundpad…ive got the plans, now to sell them to the rebel alliance for an obscene profit and pay off that hutt before the bounty hunters start coming out of the the woodwork…

      seriously though…having fun with the app! 🙂 The custom boards could use more starwarsy music and a few more sci-fi combat sounds…oh yes, and electrical crackles and zaps! i was missing those last two when making a star cruiser board!

  2. Tom says:

    I love your site.
    I wonder if you have ever thought about making an APP? I would buy it immediately!

  3. Noah Chinn says:

    Very nice. I’m finding your site very useful and can’t wait to see this added to the Custom Soundboard feature 🙂

  4. James says:

    Is there any plans to create a future combat soundboard? Blasters, Explosions, lightsabers, etc.

  5. Kae says:

    https://images.tabletopaudio.com/sb/future_city_header1.png ← the Japanese bit says “future shitty” (a dupe “t” sound combined with no “s”/”sh” difference) (at 2017-05-08). Should be フューチャー・シティー (未来都市 if you want them complex characters for some reason).

    This is a very nice thing you’ve got going there, by the way. Tons of people seem to want an offline copy or an app even. Why not give them an archive with just the part of the site with all the samples and the custom ‘pad engine? I suspect somebody will volunteer and help you organise that into something sustainable.

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