2017 ENnie Award Gold Medal!

I’m thrilled to announce that Tabletop Audio was awarded a gold medal for Best Website at the 2017 ENnie awards at GenCon last night! As always, all the nominees were amazing. So many amazing publishers, podcasters, game designers, writers and artists were on display this year, as every year. I felt lucky to be included in the list. Thanks everyone that voted for me! – Tim

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New Sound: RavenPuff Common Room

I’ve had lots of requests for an HP themed ambience over the years but I felt that, of all background sounds, this one seemed over-represented on the Internet. However, I’m always up for a challenge so I finally decided to create one of my own. The big difference is, this one is populated with young witches and wizards.

I love the idea of an empty, vibe-filled room as much as the next person, but to me,  the word “common” in the name signified something more. It needed life, activity, and bustle. I always say this, but this …read more

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New Sound: Antiquarian Study

It’s great to be back at home in Brooklyn after a wonderful 10 days in the UK.

Upon return I embarked immediately on a 2 week stint at a chamber music camp here in Brooklyn where I coached a string quartet and and the kids performed the final concert magnificently. I honestly thought I’d have a ton of time in addition to camp to work on Tabletop Audio but that turned out not to be the case. Teachers who teach year-round, I salute you!

This new track, Antiquarian Study, was a commission for an Escape Room. The creative …read more

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New Sound: Dwarven City

I needed to get back down to earth after the last two abstract ‘planes’ ambiences, so I decided to go all middle-earthy and see what I could do with a massive dwarf city.

My list of notes contained the following: “fire, bubbling pools of molten metal, dripping metal, machinery, forge, workers, livestock, bellows..”.

Actually livestock never made it in. I had a goat and a chicken at one point but every time they came up I cracked up. Not in a good way.

So then there was the music. Always tough. I decided it should be mostly textural, but …read more

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New Sound: Astral Plane

I wasn’t really meaning to do another abstract ‘plane‘ ambience so soon after Ethereal Plane but that’s exactly what happened.

One of the nice things about abstract sounds, as you all keep reminding me, is that they can really be used for anything. Since they’re not constrained by ‘known’ noises, like footsteps, or doors slamming, you don’t have to worry about breaking the mood with a sound that’s way out of place.

Astral Plane will be right at home in scifi stories, horror stories or any weird fiction really.


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New Sound: Ethereal Plane

I have to be honest, none of my D&D games ever really ventured to the various planes. We were always pretty terrestrially bound. Taverns, dungeons, towns, forests. These were our stomping grounds and stomp we did! But there was always those few pages in the Dungeon Master’s guide that I skipped over and that nagged me. What were these planes things and what did one do there?
And what did they sound like?

So, as frequently happens, I got a really clear vision in my head, sat down to work, and 5 hours later realized I had …read more

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New SoundPad: True West

As a species, we have always loved tales of adventure. Brave heroes venturing into uncharted and dangerous lands is a cornerstone of our collected stories. The Greeks brought us to the Underworld and to the top of Mount Olympus. Homer took us into battle and on long voyages across the sea. Science fiction writers gave us to distant worlds and played with time. There is something innately human about the need to push forward into the unknown. To overcome adversity. To conquer not only the environment, but in doing so, one’s self.

The American west, the era of Manifest Destiny, the …read more

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New Feature: Text Filtering for Custom SoundPad

I’ve implemented a new feature on the Custom SoundPad that I hope you’ll find useful.  It’s similar to the text filtering I just added to the home page ambiences, but instead of a living keyword dictionary for each sound, it just filters by title.

For instance, if you type in ‘rain‘, like the screenshot above, it shows you all the sounds, across all the SoundPads, that contain ‘rain‘ in it.  Remember, it’s not search, so it will also return (as above) the sound ‘Toy Trains’ as the letters r-a-i-n are present.  (And, when I make a sound called …read more

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New Sound: Orbital Promenade

This one started out from a field recording I did at Grand Central Terminal in NYC while waiting for a train. As I was standing in the main hallway (I was the tall guy with headphones, holding a field recorder and trying not to look suspicious to all the armed soldiers) I kept thinking about how I would  use the sound of this huge, bustling reverberant space on Tabletop Audio.

I started thinking about scifi sounds, because, well – scifi. But really because so much of scifi audio tends to be empty and devoid of people. Which …read more

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Graphic Update and New Feature: Text Filtering

Frequent visitors to the site may notice that I’ve done a bit of a spruce-up with the graphics. It’s something I’ve been meaning to do for the longest time but as there’s an endless list of things that I want to do, graphics and tedious CSS tweaking always seem to take a back seat. Nothing fancy, I just think the new logo and dragon image look a little bit cleaner. Hope you guys like it.

More importantly I’m experimenting with a new text filtering system for the main page. As you can see below, there’s a new …read more

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