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Custom SoundPad: Wasteland Sounds

A quick update to let you know that sounds from the recently released Wasteland SoundPad have been added to the Custom SoundPad tool. Happy gaming!

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New SoundPad: Wasteland

I’ve been kicking around ideas for a Post Apocalyptic SoundPad since I first started making them. I even attempted one but it never really worked for me. It’s funny, the whole premise of a Post Apocalyptic environment is that it’s empty, void. A shadow of a civilization that was, and now isn’t. Visually, this is a lot easier to imagine – nature gone to seed, buildings to rubble, man’s gleaming cities reduced to twisted avant garde sculpture. But what the hell does it sound like?

I began  with two sounds, desolate wind, and bone chimes. I liked …read more

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2016 ENnie Nomination!

Friends, I’m thrilled to announce that Tabletop Audio has been nominated for a 2016 ENnie award in the Best Software category.

If you can spare a minute, please vote ‘1’ for Tabletop Audio under Best Software, and by all means, check out all the other amazing nominees!

Thank you so much for your support!


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New Sound: City Under Siege

The sounds of chaos erupt from the usual baseline noise of the city and then fall back again. You and your party are safe. For now. But you’ll need to keep moving.

I was scanning “The List” and found this one from last year and got immediately inspired. Quite a few of my personal NYC field recordings ended up in this one. (Not the gunfire thankfully!). City Under Siege is a modern style ambience that can be a simple urban combat environment or a full on enemy assault.

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New Sound: Windswept Plains

I was a little desperate to get back into audio world after all the coding I’ve been doing lately, so I went back through the requests. I had a few people request a high-desert, windswept plains type backdrop for a variety of different games. So I decided to make Windswept Plains. A utility ambience that fills some gaps in the nature / biome department. You could even possibly sell this as tundra if you don’t look at the picture!

I added some subtle human and horse elements to the foreground to give it a bit of life, …read more

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New Site Feature: Custom SoundPads

If you’ve ever wanted your bard to ride a horse onto the bridge of a starship, and play a tune on his lute for a very confused crew, I finally have you covered!

Here’s the first release of Custom SoundPads, a request I got as soon as I released Dark Forest, the 2nd installment of the  SoundPad series. And a request I’ve gotten every week since then.

My paradigm,  for this tool, as with all of Tabletop Audio, is ‘push a button, play a sound‘.  It really never needs to be more complicated than that. I’m not a big fan of tools that require …read more

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New Sound: Arabesque

In the past couple of months I’ve had several requests for Arabian styled musical/ambient tracks. Enough in fact that I actually googled: “new Arabian themed RPG” to see if I’d been missing something.  Alas, nothing came up. But, it seemed like an interesting challenge. So, rather than studying up on maquams and microtonal scales I figured I’d just jump in and go for something that sounded like it could be used in this type of game.

I’m always hesitant to jump feet first into any form of cultural appropriation, musical or otherwise without a disclaimer, so I …read more

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New Sound: Noir Procedural

A detective pulls back the sheet from a body lying in the street. A criminal rummages in a desk  and pulls out an incriminating letter. A woman puts on lipstick in her rear-view mirror,  glancing at the gun on the seat beside her.

We love our Television. We like our stories dark, malevolent and salacious. Noir Procedural is a TV styled soundtrack/ambience that will be at home in any modern suspense game. It wouldn’t be out of place in a cyberpunk world either.

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New Sound: Starship Medical

After a long stretch of fantasy, horror and modern sounds I was itching to get back to something sci-fi. A staple science fiction setting is the iconic medical bay. Come here to take care of blaster wounds, hangnails and holodeck mishaps.

There’s some subtle background music/tones here which I thought helped ‘sell’ the scene better. After listening with and without I just liked it with the tones better. Hope this finds its way into your stories!

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New SoundPad: House on the Hill

I’ve always found that the scariest thing about horror movies is the horror you bring with you. This explains why twin girls in matching party dresses are more terrifying than a multi-fanged werebeast, and why a well-timed telephone ring can send shivers up your spine as easily as a blood curdling scream.

This new SoundPad, House on the Hill, is a place where the horrors tend toward the creepier side of the spectrum. The old man, kept alive in an iron lung. A child’s music box. The dreaded victrola that plays on its own. There are jump …read more

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