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New Sound: River Town

I hope your holiday season is going smoothly and you have had some peace and tranquility along the way.  To aid in this quest I’ve created a musical ambience called “River Town”. River Town is a lovely place. The inhabitants are kind, the beds are warm, and there are bountiful fish in the river.

Truth be told, I started working on this as a kind of therapeutic escape from a particularly ornery client project that wasn’t going as well as I had hoped. After a few hours it started to take shape and I knew that this …read more

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New Sound: Testing Chamber

I don’t play video games much. What with kids, this site, other adult type duties there just isn’t the time. Which sucks. But my kids play (a little!) and for some reason last month I decided to check out Portal 2. Yeah, I’m late to the party, I know!

Cut to two weeks later and I obsessively finished the entire thing. I was so inspired by the wit, the puzzles and the sounds that I decided to create an homage to Portal 2 for Tabletop Audio.

Testing Chamber could also be used for modern and sci-fi games or …read more

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New SoundPad: Future City

I’ve had lots of requests for a cyberpunk SoundPad so I finally started working on Future City about 3 weeks ago. As is often the case, I discovered that the visual representation of a genre comes much more easily than the audio.

To research this one I went back to the sources. I watched a bunch of films: Blade Runner, Dark City, Johnny Mnemonic, RoboCop even Metropolis, to get a sense of style, mood and setting.

I knew that the challenge of simulating an audio environment in 32 sounds was essentially impossible, but I figured I could at least get …read more

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New Sound: “Vampire’s Castle”

Since this is now my 3rd annual Halloween ambience I’m officially declaring it a Tabletop Audio tradition.

A Facebook user recently requested the right ambience at the right time. How could I not make Vampire’s Castle for Halloween 2016?

This should be great for not only Curse of Strahd games but any horror themed RPG or boardgame. Or, just play it in the background at your house when trick-or-treaters come by!

Hope this finds it’s way into your stories.

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New Sounds: The 100th (and 101st) ambience!

The truth is, I’ve seen this day coming for quite a while. Some of you have too. In fact, I’ve been getting a lot of questions on Twitter and Facebook asking me what kind of special to-do I was going to make when my 100th 10 minute ambience was released. I slowly started to realize that I was a bit intimidated by the pressure! Would I pull out all the stops and make the “Epicest Epic Ambience of All Time™”? Or would I totally downplay it and make a 10 minute sound of a faucet dripping, you …read more

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New Sound: Cavern of Lost Souls

I’m back from vacation with the family and have returned to audio-land! Here’s a request from quite awhile ago. Cavern of Lost Souls is a dark, naturally reverberant chamber buried deep in the side of a mountain, filled with the voices of fallen warriors.

This could certainly do double duty in both fantasy and horror type stories, as long as it takes place in a large cave!


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New Sound: Lost Mine

I thought I’d spend some time this week working on a musical track and combining it with some light sound design for that ‘ripped from a film’ type feel that seems to work well in many games.

Lost Mine is 10 minutes of non-repeating background music that will have you sneaking around corners, marveling at vistas and waving your torches at anything that moves.

Lots of different game possibilities with this one, as always, let me know how you use it!

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Custom SoundPad: Wasteland Sounds

A quick update to let you know that sounds from the recently released Wasteland SoundPad have been added to the Custom SoundPad tool. Happy gaming!

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New SoundPad: Wasteland

I’ve been kicking around ideas for a Post Apocalyptic SoundPad since I first started making them. I even attempted one but it never really worked for me. It’s funny, the whole premise of a Post Apocalyptic environment is that it’s empty, void. A shadow of a civilization that was, and now isn’t. Visually, this is a lot easier to imagine – nature gone to seed, buildings to rubble, man’s gleaming cities reduced to twisted avant garde sculpture. But what the hell does it sound like?

I began  with two sounds, desolate wind, and bone chimes. I liked …read more

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New Sound: City Under Siege

The sounds of chaos erupt from the usual baseline noise of the city and then fall back again. You and your party are safe. For now. But you’ll need to keep moving.

I was scanning “The List” and found this one from last year and got immediately inspired. Quite a few of my personal NYC field recordings ended up in this one. (Not the gunfire thankfully!). City Under Siege is a modern style ambience that can be a simple urban combat environment or a full on enemy assault.

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