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New Feature: Custom SoundPad Sorting

Posted by [email protected] on November 20th, 2016

So you’ve added a bunch of sounds to a custom SoundPad and you think you’ve got the perfect set for your next game – except – dang, if only this one was over there, and that one was next to that one over there…

Well, thanks to a few user requests I’ve added a sort feature that will make your lives a bit easier.

New sort button

New sort button

There’s a new button called ‘Sort’ in the butons row. It is off by default. Turning ‘Sort’ on (indicated by the move icon turning green) allows you to drag sounds to different places in the grid. Turn ‘Sort’ off again and the sounds will be frozen in place (helps avoid accidental dragging especially on mobile devices).

Note: If you want to save a SoundPad that you’ve already got saved with a new order, you’ll need to either name it the same name so it overwrites – or save it as a new name and just delete the older one.

I’ll be making a few tweaks to this feature in the upcoming weeks.

4 thoughts on “New Feature: Custom SoundPad Sorting”

  1. AUser says:


    saving doesnt work for me…

    Example: http://ttaud.io/2gRyeSA
    Now it said “1 Saved SoundPads”, right hand side its SoundPad3.
    But i have 24 sounds let and none is saved. Tried it 3 times now, hence SoundPad3. But Firefox and Chrome has no saved sounds.

    (Replicate: Add sounds, click “Save Sound”, click “get link”. Close and open. Sounds gone…)

    I really like this feature. Would be great if saving and loading would work.

      1. AUser says:

        NOW i feel stupid.

        I thought the right hand bar would only let me delete a SoundPad.
        Thank you for your reply!

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