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New Sound: Lost Mine

Posted by [email protected] on August 3rd, 2016

Lost Mine

I thought I’d spend some time this week working on a musical track and combining it with some light sound design for that ‘ripped from a film’ type feel that seems to work well in many games.

Lost Mine is 10 minutes of non-repeating background music that will have you sneaking around corners, marveling at vistas and waving your torches at anything that moves.

Lots of different game possibilities with this one, as always, let me know how you use it!

3 thoughts on “New Sound: Lost Mine”

  1. Rien says:

    Loving all the new content! They’ll add nicely to my adventures!

  2. Manus Weber says:

    I absolutely love how this site is growing. It really brings my game to life, what with the action music and sound affects improving immersion (and less people have to make “Foosh”, “Pew Pew” or the badly attempted monster roar). Once I have a decent income, I’d like to be a patron, but sadly, I’m merely a 16 year old pleb with no money. Anywho, I’d just like to say, thank you for making this awesome site.

    Ps: Is it one of your patreon goals to have an app for this? I know that has pros, like easier accessibility, yet downsides like more hours to create it, but I’d honestly love it.

    Thank you so much

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